Raksha Patel (UK)
Painter & Filmmaker
Raksha Patel (b.1972, Leicester) studied MFA Painting at The Slade School of Art (1998). Patel works as an artist, writer, socially engaged practitioner and lecturer. She worked for the Learning Department at Tate Britain (1999-2011); as an Artist in Residence at The Whitechapel Gallery (2005) and at The Pitzhanger Manor (2013). She is a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts and an Associate Lecturer in Painting at Camberwell College of Arts.

Her paintings focus upon notions of locality and identity, exploring recent histories of migration and diaspora. Her imagery derives from personal archives and memories centering upon British South Asian life in the 1970/80s. Her work depicts working class landscapes drawing attention to cultural difference (and similarities) and the less seen.


Selected exhibitions include: 

Stellatus Re-Visited, Site Gallery (2019) 

The Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts (2019 and 2020) 

Home and Unhome, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing (2020) 

Florilegium, The Royal College of Physicians (2018)

Painting Now, Studio One Gallery (2017) 

Lives, Loves and Loss, National Trust, Fenton House, (2016) 

The Trouble with Painting Today, Pump House Gallery (2015)

Forget-Me-Knot, Pitzhanger Manor Gallery (2013)

We were Trying to Make Sense, 1 Shantiroad, Bangalore (2013) 

Jerwood Drawing Prize (2011) 

The Mausoleum of Lost Objects, inIVA (2008).

Works display
An Opulent Veneer
2016 / 45.5 x 60.5cm / Oil on linen
Rani's Fashions
2016 / 30 x 40cm / Oil on canvas
Risen from Mud
2016 / 20 x 25cm / Oil on linen
The Wistful Call
2017 / 30 x 40cm / Oil on linen
Our Palaces
2016 / 45 x 55cm / Oil on canvas
The Outsider
2018 / 60 x 90cm / Oil on canvas