Hu Zhifeng (China)
He is currently the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Beijing Film Academy. Born in 1965, he graduated from Shandong University and Beijing Normal University with a doctorate in literature. The first “Changjiang Scholar” Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education in China’s media academic field, one of the founders of China’s radio and television art discipline, the main founder of China’s TV aesthetics research, the founder of China’s TV communication art research, and a famous TV program planner. Senior Visiting Scholar at Harvard University.

Convenor of the Drama and Film and Television Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council; President of the National First-Class Society - China Film and Television Society of Higher Education; enjoys special government allowances from the State Council; selected as one of the first batch of "Ten Thousand People Program" leading talents of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and a national propaganda culture "Four batches" of talents in the system, a national candidate for the "New Century Hundreds and Tens of Thousands of Talents Project", "60 People Who Influenced China's Radio and Television Process in the 60 Years of New China", a member of the first National Public Cultural Service Construction Expert Committee; Science and Technology Fund review experts. He used to be the editor-in-chief of "Modern Communication", a journal of Communication University of China, and the dean of the School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University.

He has presided over more than 40 scientific research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, and has published more than 30 academic monographs such as "On Chinese Film and Television", "Television Communication Art", "Draft of Film and Television Culture" and "Outline of Television Aesthetics". He has published more than 400 papers; he has won the Humanities and Social Science Achievement Award in Chinese universities and the Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award for many times. Participated in the planning and main creation of more than 100 TV channels, columns and large-scale programs; served as the "Five Ones Project" Award of the Central Propaganda Department, China News Award, China Radio and Television Award, China Film Golden Rooster Award, China TV Golden Eagle Award, China He is a judge of many national awards such as the "Starlight Award" for TV literature and art. He has traveled to dozens of countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australia to give lectures and academic exchanges.

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