Theme of Olymp'Arts 2023

Environment and Energy

The theme represents a complementary value that accompanies each competition.
It aims to direct the composition of works around a universal subject.
The theme is exclusively proposed and decided by the organization and will be different for each competition.
It will be announced at each registration opening, 2 years before each event. It is imposed in each of the 18 disciplines and must be respected by all participants.

The theme of this first modern “Olympiad of Art” is “environment and energy”, in the spirit of sustainable development.
Symbols of an era, environment, energy and respect for the environment are, in all their forms, the central concern at the beginning of the 21st century, and our most beautiful challenge for tomorrow.
A universal concept that we must think about, that we must reinvent, develop and protect.
This involves the invention of new renewable energies that will preserve the environment and help the world to grow peacefully.
Artists are the messengers of this new world.