Latest Update

In response to the call of the International Olymp’ Arts Committee, the Asian Venue of the conference is looking forward to the first International Contest of Olymp’Arts 2023.

In order to actively respond to the initiative of the International Olymp’Arts Committee, the China Regional Executive Board of the International Olymp’Arts Committee set up an Asian venue in Beijing, China, and invited many well-known artists to join and witness the success of the conference.


International Olymp’Arts Committee Official Announcement: The 1st International Contest of Olymp’ Arts to be held in Geneva, Switzerland in 2023

At 11:00 a.m. Swiss time, on June 29th, 2022, the press conference of the worldwide launch of the 1st Contest of Olymp’Arts 2023, took place at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, the European headquarters of the United Nations.


RE[SURGE]: Parsons School of Design’s the 2022 Integrated Design Program Exhibition

After a lengthy period of seclusion, online re[search], and preparation, the 2022 Integrated Design Program exhibition celebrates the re[vival] and re[naissance] of design through a personal lens. RE[SURGE] is a diverse collection of projects that re[imagines] what design can be.


Wishes from Changxin International College of Art, Yunnan University

Hello, we are Changxin International College of Art, Yunnan University. The Olymp’Arts 2023 will be held next year. This is a global art event. I hope artists from all over the world will join us. Wish the Olymp'Arts 2023 success.


Internationally Renowned Pianist Lang Lang Wishes the Olymp'Arts 2023 A Great Success