Vincent Calmel

Vincent Calmel, a self-taught photographer, lives and works in Switzerland, in Geneva.


Since childhood, he has had a devouring passion for cinema, and dreams of filmmaking. With a view to training at FEMIS in Paris, Vincent enrolled in a course on photography alongside his business studies. It will take just a few lessons in framing and black and white printing to change the sequence of events, freeze frame, it will be photography!


In 1995, he landed a job as a trainee photographer at La Tribune de Genève. He will make his debut in an abundant editorial staff where the image was still considered an essential element of the daily press. From portrait to reportage, in Switzerland and elsewhere, his understanding of the profession sharpened and in just under two years, he went from trainee to official photographer. His collaboration with the Tribune will last ten years, with the added bonus of selections at the Swiss Press Photo, and an exhibition of his work on Kosovo at the Perpignan Festival.

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