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Interview with Italian artist, Emilio Isgro, member of international academic experts committee

Isgrò is famous for his representative "erasing" technique, which was created in the background of the so-called second avant-garde movement in the 1960s, and is the most revolutionary and original artistic language. For him, erasing text is not just a simple destruction. He stated in the interview that "the moment of erasure is also the moment of construction."


Interview with OLYMP'ARTS Song Author: Philippos Tsalahouris, Dean of the Athens Conservatory of Music

Introduction: OLYMP'ARTS 2023, the grand artistic celebration, will take place on October 5th at the Zappeion Megaron in Athens, Greece. We will launch a series of interviews with artists from around the world, the first of which features the Director of the Athens Conservatory, Philippos Tsalahouris.。


2023 OLYMP'ARTS to be held in October

The OLYMP'ARTS 2023 will be held on October 5 at the Zappeion Palace in Athens, Greece, where art lovers from all over the world will be able to enjoy the great event. During the event, a variety of art disciplines will blossom and multiple artists will share their ideas with each other in an exciting way.


Marc Verriere, the Founding President of WOAC, Attended and Spoke at the China-France Cultural and Tourism Dialogue Forum

On 19 June 2023, the China-France Cultural and Tourism Dialogue Forum was held at the Théâtre des Sablons in Neuilly-sur Seine, France. The forum was organised by the Association LES AMIS DE WU JIANMIN, with the special support of WOAC. Marc Verriere, the Founding President, spoke at the forum.


Connect the World | OLYMP'ARTS 2023 Voting Now Open!

Connect the World | OLYMP'ARTS 2023 Voting Now Open!