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OLYMP'ARTS 2023 Registration FAQ

Since June 29, 2022, the OC successfully held an international press conference at the Palais des Nations, the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, which has been publicized and promoted by many media at home and abroad, and has also received a lot of attention from many artists and art lovers. Many art lovers have raised some questions about the participation methods and rules of this art competition, and now going to answer the questions one by one:

Q-1: I think my work has not yet reached such a high standard, and it is still in the process of continuous creation.

A: We adhere to the principle of "art is universal" and hope that everyone can participate, including professional or non-professional. All works are completely anonymous during the selection process. Maybe one of the gold Trophy winners is from an amateur artist?

Q-2:  How do I register for the competition?

A: You can submit your work after registering as an artist on the official website of the Olymp’Arts.

Member registration on the official website of the Olymp’Arts:

Q-3: What are the requirements for the works submitted for registration? There is no detailed information on the official website, where can I see it?

A: There are a total of 18 art disciplines in the Olymp’Arts . For the requirements for each art category are detailed on the official website : Olymp’Arts-> Disciplines:

Q-4:  Can I submit works multiple times in the same discipline?

A: You can participate in more than disciplines, but you can only submit your work once for each discipline . Please see the requirements for uploading works in each discipline:

Q-5: Do I need to submit my work immediately after registration?

A: After registering as a member, if the entry is a completed work, you can submit the work directly; if the work is still being created, please complete the submission and pay the evaluation fee before November 30, 2022. The evaluation fee is divided into three levels according to the payment time. The earlier you register, the lower the fee. Please kindly check the registration page for details.

Q-6: Can the video recorded from a drum kit performance be eligible for the competition?

A: Drum performance belongs to the discipline of music, and you can participate in our music discipline competitions! Please refer to the text in the link description to submit your work:

Q-7: Can I participate without artistic creation?

A: Of course you can! You can also register as a voting public. After we start voting in December, you can participate as a voting public. and you may get our exclusive custom badge just by participating.

Q-8: I see that there are 18 disciplines in this art competition, but there is no specific type of the painting discipline. can I participate in oil painting or Chinese painting?

A: Of course you can! In our opinion, painting is a hand-drawn work based on a flat vector. The rule for the painting discipline is "This art is open to any styles and genres, It does not limit the type of material, tool or carrier, but it must be in color. The work must be completely created using hand tools.”

Q-9:So it seems that oil painting, Chinese painting, watercolor, printmaking, gouache, acrylic painting, Japanese painting, Tibetan thangka, and even African painting belong in the painting discipline?

A: Yes, although these types of paintings you mentioned may have different carriers and tools, the emotions conveyed by a good picture can resonate with human beings, and we hope that most people can feel the "beauty" and "harmony" of the picture at the first sight. And such expressions can cause common human emotions and resonance across different countries, regions and cultures.

Q-10:Although it sounds ideal, would it not be fair in any way? For example, there will be more participants in the painting discipline and there will be much less participants in some other  disciplines.

A: We have discussed this issue for a long time and many times, and we can only say that we will try to ensure fairness and equity as much as possible in this competition. But the world is so big and there are so many kinds of art, especially this is the first international art competition, it is impossible to collect all the art disciplines in the world, in the future we will expand different art disciplines according to the needs of the times and the boundaries of art. We hope that all art will convey a universal "beauty" and "harmony", which is exactly why our slogan is “Arts for harmony!”.

Q-11:Can children also participate? What if they don't know how to do it?

A: Of course they can! It is written on the home page of our website that "Artists all over the world, amateur and professional, are invited without any age or cultural restrictions". If children do not know the process of registering and uploading artworks on the website, they can just have their parents or teachers do it for them. As long as the participant is the legal owner of the artwork, it will be fine.

Q-12: As an art teacher, I would like my students to participate in more art competitions like this, but they would find it troublesome if they have to go through the process of registering and uploading and submitting their works, is there a way to register in the name of an art institution and upload and submit artworks of each participant one by one?

A: Well, in principle, we only accept individual participant, especially in the later stages when the world public is required to vote on the bottom of each artwork, and all official information will be notified in the participants' accounts. We can assist you in providing each participant with an account at a later stage, but they will need to log in and activate their account and pay for it themselves.

Q-13: What is the difference between this competition and other art competitions? What is the biggest value of it?

A: Our original intention of launching this art competition is to revive the "OLYMP'ARTS" and hope that the world will be a better and more harmonious place because of the pursuit of art by human beings. The most important feature of this competition is that there are 18 disciplines, and all people can participate in it. The value shines in the principle of "universality", because only with truly universal participation can this competition achieve the beautiful vision of reviving the "OLYMP'ARTS".

Q-14: What are the benefits of participating in this competition? How does it manifest itself exactly?

A: In fact, the launch of this competition itself is a global public welfare event. We hope that all artists can become ambassadors for public welfare protection of "environment and energy", and we also hope that through such a global competition to bring everyone to think, just like our slogan, “Arts for Harmony!”. Therefore, all participating artists will receive a "Certificate of Participation" and the title of "Public Welfare Messenger"; moreover, we will organize numbers of online and offline activities and various brands crossover collaborations,  and all participating artists will have the priority right and possibility to participate. For details of the specific rights and interests, please refer to the text at the bottom of the "Awards" section of the website.

Q-15: Why did you choose the theme "Environment and Energy"? Is it because that you are hoping artists would do something for the public welfare?

A: Today's global environment and energy problems are getting more and more serious. We hope that through such competitions and creative expressions of this theme, we can arouse modern people's attention to this problem and let more people participate in the protection of the environment. In the future, we will organize some online and offline public welfare activities too, and hope that the participating artists will truly join us in practicing the mission of "protecting the environment" and reviving "OLYMP'ARTS" with us.

Q-16: Is this competition open for registration yet? Is there an opportunity to still participate in the exhibitions or performances at the ceremony if I fail to make it to the finals?

A: Yes, the competition is now open for global registration already. Before the finals, we will select some outstanding artworks for online and offline exhibitions or performances. We will choose a city from each of the five continents for offline exhibitions, and then organize exhibitions and trading opportunities for participating artists from the certain continent.

Q-17: Does it mean that I have completed the registration after the artwork is uploaded and the fee is paid? I want to check the registration status of my artworks. How can I do it?

A: After the artwork is uploaded and the fee is successfully paid, we will make a preliminary evaluation of your artwork within 15 working days, and reply to you by email that your registration is successful. You can view the artwork management on your personal center page after logging in to the website to keep track of the progress of your artwork.

Q-18: Do I have a chance to be invited to Geneva, Switzerland if I make it to the finals?

A: Of course, at the moment we have set the number of finalists in each discipline at around 25. And we will invite these people to Geneva, Switzerland as much as possible, but it also depends on the situation and conditions of the finals next year!

Q-19: Are there prize money for the artists who will make it to the finals and win? How much is it?

A: Of course there is, and the prize money for the gold trophy will be more generous. The reason why we have not announced it yet is that our prize money pool is still accumulating, and we hope that more funds and successful entrepreneurs will join us and contribute to the revival of "OLYMP'ARTS".

Q-20: Will there be any trading of works in this competition or on this website? I don't see the possibility of trading at the moment.

A: As for the competition itself, the ownership property of the works itself should be guaranteed to the participating artists during the contest period, so we do not recommend any trading of the artworks during the competition voting phase. However, after the voting phase, we will organize some online and offline exhibitions for potential excellent artworks, and then the NFT artworks can be traded.

Q-21: NFT artworks? Are you referring to the crypto art which is very popular nowadays? How can traditional artworks be traded as NFT artworks?

A: Yes, NFT artworks have been very popular in the past two years, especially after Beeple's artworks are known by the public after sold at such high prices. As a major trend in the future, its current market popularity is still relatively lacking, and many people who do art do not know how to participate. We will cooperate with a professional digital collection platform to develop, and artworks in all art disciplines can be generated and traded as NFT artworks on our official cooperation platform.

Q-22: Is the platform for the NFT artworks being planned, and when will it be successfully built and put into use?

A: We are currently negotiating and planning with professionals. If everything goes well, we hope that it can be put into use in the first half of next year. Please also pay attention to our news or email notifications, and we will keep you updated on our progress.