The OLYMP'ARTS will begin with an opening ceremony that will reveal the event and the participating artists.
For the next few days, the artists will present their works in full to the world public.
The visual-audio disciplines (Dance, Music, Cinema, etc.) will unfold – according to the duration and the time of assembly and disassembly – every day, alternately, on the stage of different rooms dedicated.
All static disciplines (Arts and Crafts, Animation, Garden Art, Painting, Sculpture, Photography) will be permanently displayed in reserved rooms, every day during the event.

During these days, the works will be categorized by the global public through a rating system established according to the certain criteria. The universality of the works will be determined by the number of countries and votes sharing the same positive ratings.
The aggregation of the votes will determine the top works that received the universal recognition of the global public in each discipline.
The last day of the OLYMP'ARTS will be devoted to the delivery of the trophies of equal value and the closing ceremony.

For each work presented, during the selections on the Internet or during the event itself, the organization will have to decide on the following criteria and by a system of notation which will be communicated to them in due time:

1.Beauty (immediate personal emotion felt)

2.Harmony / Aesthetics


4.Non-violence (no aggressive, vulgar, propaganda of any kind expression)

5.Respect of the proposed theme

The OLYMP'ARTS Trophy: The top three artists in each discipline are selected by the world public and will receive a Gold Trophy, a money award, and a certificate;
OLYMP'ARTS Finalist Award: Artists who made it to the finals in each discipline but did not win the Trophy, each artist will receive a money award, and a certificate;
OLYMP'ARTS Nomination Award: Artists who made it to the 3rd Round but did not make it to the 4th Round, will receive a certificate and a commemorative prize;
OLYMP'ARTS Participation Award: Artists who made it to the 2nd Round but did not make it to the 3rd Round, will receive a digital certificate;
OLYMP'ARTS Cooperative Institution Award: Awarded to those cooperating units and art institutions that have made outstanding contributions to the implementation of the OLYMP'ARTS;
OLYMP'ARTS Promotional Ambassador Award: In recognition of those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion and implementation of each OLYMP'ARTS competition;
OLYMP'ARTS Media Communications Award: awarded to the cooperative media partners who have made sufficient communication efforts in the promotion phase of the OLYMP'ARTS competition;

Participating artists will be given priority to join the Artists Alliance sponsored by the IOAC, and have the opportunity to obtain agency cooperation from the IOAC and well-known art institutions and obtain more opportunities for promotion and exhibition collaboration;

Participating artists can voluntarily generate NFT encrypted artworks under the protection and certification of the official channels of the IOAC.

Participating artists will be given priorities in various online and offline activities organized by the IOAC and partners, and will enjoy preferential prices for the competition's publications and art derivatives.

The participating artists will have the opportunity to promote artworks through official channels, and participate in touring exhibitions or exchange visit held in important cities around the world.

Winning artists will win generous prizes and their works will be collected by the IOAC and designated institutions, and be issued with "Honorary Certificate" and "Collection Certificate".

Winning artists will participate in the Olymp'Arts' international art touring exhibitions and cooperative performances under the organization of the IOAC and designated authorized organization.