Art and A.I.

A.I. appeared to the general public in 2023.
We therefore decided to give a place to A.I. because of its future development.

Obviously it is impossible to compare and put in the same category an artificial work created using A.I., with an artwork resulting from the imagination of an artist who took several weeks or months to make it.
We will therefore analyze each discipline likely to be the subject of creation using A.I., and divide it into 2 distinct categories, for example:
Thus, for each discipline concerned, 2 categories will appear that
candidates can chose from :
- 1st category: traditional artistic work
- 2nd category: artistic work created by A.I.

Furthermore. there are 2 kinds of disciplines:
- A- Living, traditional and artisanal disciplines (e.q. dance, sculpture, ceramic, etc.) not likely to be affected by A.I. Only one category will be accessible for these disciplines
- B- Disciplines that can be created or modified by A.I. (e.g. photography, cinema, music, etc.). Two distinct categories will be available

In order to avoid abuse, each discipline will include a preamble specifying that if a candidate presents in the first traditional category a work created by A.l., and this "guile" (voluntary or not) is discovered (there are tools and means that make it possible to detect the source of a creation), the author of this "guile" will be definitively banned from participating in the Olymp'Arts. This clause, which may seem harsh, is essential to slow down and prevent the temptation that certain candidates might have.