Latest Update

Executive member of the International Olymp'Arts Committee Rachel Qin attends the “Global Solutions Summit 2021”

More than 6,000 participants from more than 160 countries and regions attended the event. Representatives from international organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions and business circles delivered keynote reports on the social, economic and ecological challenges and the G20 agenda in the post-epidemic period.


“Pursuing Da Vinci”-Opening of the 3rd Italian High School Art Biennale

“Pursuing Da Vinci” was the exhibition theme. Works included paintings, photography, sculpture, ceramics and other art forms, aiming to express how we could pursue Leonardo’s footprint in creativity, art and science. Participating authors were required to take inspiration from Da Vinci’s genius methods of observing natural environment, analyzing the shapes of animals, plants, characters, and considering scientific common sense and operating mechanisms related to proportions in human space as well as ergonomics.


“Dunhuang Ceramic Paintings” The 4th Biennial Exhibition of China Ceramic Paintings is coming!

This is the collision between two classics, a strong and powerful combination of excellent cultures standing side by side, inheritance, innovation and promotion of Chinese civilization, and the historical mission of young people to promote Dunhuang culture to the world through an industrial carrier with Chinese characteristics!


EU-China Joint Innovation Center Successfully Held the 2021 Qingdao Film and Television Expo

Organized by the EU-China Joint Innovation Center and the China-EU Film Festival Organizing Committee, the International Film and Culture Cooperation Forum of Qingdao Film and Television Expo 2021 was successfully held in Qingdao on October 16, 2021.