OLYMP'ARTS 2023 TIME AND SPACE International Art Exhibition

Organizational structure

Host Organization:
World Olymp'Arts Council

Organizing Institution:
OLYMP'ARTS 2023 Committee

Co-organizing Institution:
World Philharmonic Orchestra (France)
International Joint Initiatives ASBL

Special Support:
Athens Conservatoire

Venue #1

Zappeion Peristyle 17
Eastern Elegance, Western Classics, Enchanting Africa, Asian Delights
Type of Exhibit:
Oil Painting, Contemporary Ink Painting, Photography, Digital Imaging
A total of 24 carefully selected artworks will be showcased, with 6 artworks in each section, highlighting the unique cultures, traditional heritage, and artistic styles of each region.
From painting techniques to material choices, the exhibition will demonstrate how artists express the beauty and imagination of the world in various ways

Venue #2

Zappeion Hall 15
Exhibit Type:
Oil Painting, Contemporary Ink Painting, Photography, Digital Image, Small Sculpture
Around 50 pieces


(1) Plane works on the shelf must be within 150cm in width and 200cm in height, one or two within the same area.
(2) Sculpture works: the area of each work is limited to 1 to 1.5 square meters, and the height, width, and volume of the work is limited according to the shape of the work (including the exhibition stand).
(3) ceramics contemporary pottery or handmade materials installation works control within 1 ~ 1.5 square meters. The length, width and height are limited according to the shape of the work. (Including exhibition stand)
(4) Digital video works: we will offer 50-inch screen (should be rented from the committee in advance).

How to participate

1. The artist should submit their personal profile, exhibition artwork images, and written descriptions to the WOAC.
2. The selected artists should pay a participation fee of 4000 euros.

Exhibit fees will be used for:

1. Venue rental fees, exhibition installation, dismantling, on-site security, and cleaning fees.
2. Curatorial team planning, overall coordination, translation, design and production, material production, media promotion, and other curatorial fees.
3. Used for the "Artist Support Project" to support art activities and events.

Artists are responsible for the following expenses: round-trip transportation of artworks, visas, personal round-trip air tickets, travel insurance, hotels, meals, transportation, etc

Exhibition artists' rights:

1. All artists will receive a "Commemorative Box" containing:
① An exhibition picture album
② A participation certificate
③ A poster
④ A medal
⑤ An activity manual
⑥ Souvenir gifts (such like canvas bag)
⑦ Free one-year online exhibition of their works on the OLYMP'ARTS website
⑧ International media publicity
⑨ Exhibition artists will have the opportunity to become OLYMP'ARTS contracted representative artists and work with WOAC on future projects
2. Artists attending the event would wear their exclusive artist badges and participate in the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Dinner, Art Visits, Expert Exchanges and Seminars, and other activities.

More information and exhibition requirements will be adjusted according to the exhibition registration requirements given by the World Olymp'Arts Council. (The above is for reference only)
For more details: contact@olymp-arts.org