OLYMP'ARTS 2023 Charity Appreciation Dinner

Event Date: October 5th
Venue: Peristyle 17, Zappeion, Athens, Greece

Event Description

Charity Dinner Theme: Masterpieces of Space and Time
A Night of Radiant Brilliance, Art Appreciation, and Philanthropic Gratitude
Charity Dinner Format: Customized Round Table or Long Table Dinner
Charity Dinner Style: Harmonious Fusion of East and West
Charity Dinner Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm,
Date: 10th May 2023
Cuisine Type: Western/Chinese Fusion Cuisine

Artistic Welcome
· A mesmerizing art reception area with magical colors, offering an immersive experience of new media digital art to create a splendid atmosphere.
· Interactive zones where guests can actively participate in art creation, experiencing the charm of artistic expression firsthand.
Art Opening Address
· The host introduces the theme and concept of the OLYMP’ARTS Night.
Children's Philanthropic Art Exhibition
· Large screens showcase short videos highlighting the results of children's participation in philanthropic art projects or artworks contributed by students from art academies.
· On-site displays include children's paintings, handicrafts, and more.
Artistic Fusion Performances
· A series of captivating performances, including ensemble concerts, fusion dances, and visual art showcases.
· Specially invited children will participate in art performances, showcasing their talents alongside professional artists.
For more details: contact@olymp-arts.org