OLYMP'ARTS 2023 communication meeting

Event Date: October 5th
Venue: Peristyle 17, Zappeion, Athens, Greece

Conference Introduction

Conference Theme: The Infinite Interplay of Art and Technology in the New Era
The fusion of art and technology is an exciting trend in the contemporary cultural landscape. This integration not only drives artistic innovation but also brings about entirely new experiences.
During the event, you will have the opportunity to appreciate captivating artworks, explore the latest applications of digital technology, and personally experience the enchantment of the metaverse. Additionally, you will engage in interactive discussions with industry experts and leading Web3 developers, delving into the future development and innovation of these fields.
This conference will provide you with an open, creative, and knowledge-sharing platform, allowing you to explore art alongside like-minded individuals.


Civilization trip

Art and technology

Crypto in art

Flute solo

Tea break

Arts and the metaverse

NFT innovation

Blockchain technology helps art and value


The future of art and digital technology

For more details: contact@olymp-arts.org