The Public Voting

Registration for the voting public is open and free, and this is a World Premiere.
Indeed, this participation is the key to the success of the OLYMP'ARTS because the vote by the world public will be anonymous and decisive for the classification of the artistic works proposed by the candidate artists.
The global public who will participate in the selections will be registered in the official list of active members of the OLYMP'ARTS and will receive a certificate of participation and other benefits online.
If they so wish, members of the voting public may automatically participate in the following OLYMP'ARTS, without any further registration process. They will remain registered in the permanent memory of the OLYMP'ARTS.
All the necessary information will be provided when the selections start.


Period: June 29, 2022 to December 31, 2022

Entry Process

Upon receipt of the artworks, the WOAC will respond within 15 working days and inform the participants by registration approval email.

Entry Registration


Work Submission


Evaluation (OLYMP'ARTS 2023 Organizing Committee)


Selections (World public and artists' votes)


Award Ceremony

The 1st Round of Selections will run from from June 29th, 2022 to December 31th, 2022.
The 2nd to 3rd Rounds will run from January 1, 2023 to February 28th, 2023.
The 4th Round (the Final) will be held in July, 2023.

Winners and winning works will be selected through a combination of artists evaluations and the world public online votings.

Registration and Preliminary Evaluation

Register for your exclusive OLYMP'ARTS account with a valid email address.
Follow the registration process to upload your entries for the competition, and the organizing committee will make a preliminary evaluation of the uploaded entries.

Exhibition Stage

The work display page on the official website will be open to the registered public to vote and browse.

The holy springs launch in Greece and its related activities

Holy Spring World Tour

Zappion Palace
Greece Opening Ceremony, Exhibition, Forum
Geneva opening, exhibitions, forums, closing awards, dinners, etc.

Uploading Works

1 The works presented must respect the values of the OLYMP'ARTS. In addition, each candidate artist is asked to think about and get as close as possible to the Theme, which is for 2023: "Environment / Energy".

2 Participants should ensure that the works are original works of individuals or teams, and the creation time should be after 2015 (including 2015).

3 Participating artists must be the legal owners of the artworks with complete copyrights. Team creations must obtain the consent of the creators; if any copyright disputes are caused, the organizing committee will not be jointly and severally responsible and has the right to disqualify the participants.

4 Please fill in the accurate entry information according to the requirements before uploading the work files. If there are several creators for the same work, the names of all the authors must be indicated.

5 The format, size, quantity and other considerations of the entries are indicated in the rules relating to each discipline and during the download itself.

6 The images, or the backgrounds and the beginnings and endings of videos of the entries shall not be marked with any element of the participant, and shall not be marked with names or other information that would identify the authors because the works will be selected anonymously.

7 Entries must not involve content that promotes violence, gender discrimination, anti-humanity, etc., must not infringe on the privacy and intellectual property rights of others, and must not violate relevant basic laws and regulations and public morality.

8 Each participant can only submit one artwork under the same entry discipline, and uploading the same artwork in different entry disciplines is prohibited, otherwise, it will be considered invalid.

9 To participate in this competition, you must register on the International Olymp'Arts Committee official website, and the deadline for online registration and submission of works is 24:00 on December 31th, 2022.

Artwork Registration Fee

Online entry and opening a dedicated account is free.
A registration fee is required to guarantee the identity of the participant and the seriousness of the application.
The fee for registering a work of art is 25 Euros for the first entry submitted, and is due at the time of uploading.
If a candidate wants to send a second work of art, the fee is 17 Euros only, as well as for all subsequent additional work of art presented.
If you withdraw from the competition for personal reasons, the entry fee will not be refunded.
If there is any problem with your payment, please contact us at