Values of the OLYMP'ARTS

“Beauty will save the world!” – Dostoïevski 1821-1881

"Beauty will save the world!" - Dostoïevski 1821-1881

Our values are the unparalleled criteria and specificity of the Olymp'Arts.
Like Dostoïevski, we believe that it is the combination of universality, non-violence and harmony that makes the beauty of an artwork.
Taken separately, the powers of these 3 values are insufficient.
For the first time, an artistic gathering will impose these humanist values in an exhaustive way to its artists.
This is an unprecedented artistic experience whose goal is to provide the greatest amount or jubilation and immediate joy, without requiring any prior knowledge, forgetting its own cultural influences. It’s a personal challenge!
If this subjective experience is shared by a large number or people, it will be truly universal.
The values are the most important criteria for an artist to be selected: to imagine what another artist from a very different culture may consider as a beautiful work.
What is common to humanity in beauty and harmony? This is a unique experience and the answer will be given by the artists.






It is the world public exclusively who will appreciate and classify the works of art proposed according to the respect of the values and their universality. Several levels of selections will be offered to the public and detailed at the start of the online selections.